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Andrew S10 wrote:

If you're interested in Godox, and happen to be a member of DVXUser, you can get a like new GODOX VL 150 for $310 after shipping.

The Aputure Amaran 100d & 200d look like great options for a YouTube setup, although the fan noise might be kind of high.


CRI gives you a ballpark idea of a light's quality, but it doesn't tell the whole story. TLCI is a better metric, and there are even other metrics that one could consider, see this article.

I bought a few Amaran 100d units because of the non-existing noise... they are unbelievable quiet. The 200d is a bit too noisy to use next to a microphone.
The Amaran 100 series is the best value for money light I own and I use all sorts of lights. So highly recommended from my side. Well, if you need Bowens adapter style lightning of course.

Good to hear the 100D units work well and are quiet. Have you noticed any cracking in the plastic around where they mount to the light stand?

How durable are they, and would you feel comfortable taking them on location to a shoot? (And if so, any suggestions for a case for transporting them?)

I was interested in picking up a 200d but was turned off by the noisy fans, too. I heard there is a "new" version of the 200d but it might be just that the hardware is the same but there is a new firmware update that spins the fans slower.

The Amaran series is a step above the Godox stuf I own. it's better in any way but that said, the cheap Godox lights have never disappointed me as they seldom break. 
Anyway, Amaran is mostly plastic but metal at the critical points. It'll serve me for 10 years I'm sure.

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