Poor shot, but can you identify this bird?

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Re: Poor shot, but can you identify this bird?

Flycaster wrote:

So, there was this very tiny bird rapidly flitting within tree branches. I certainly wasn't ready for it, but I was able to capture a 1/4 decent shot of it. I tried looking it up in Merlin (smaller than a sparrow, flitting around tree branches, white belly and bluish top, southeast Florida, water reclamation area,) but I'm not a birder and not too good at identifying, and couldn't make an ID. Bird may have been a juvenile? Hoping out of curiosity someone can make an ID of this bird's so-so image. Thanks.

I don't know if you have them in Florida, but if that was in my yard here in California, I'd say a Magpie: Black, white on wings, pretty long tail; black beak - but our "Coast Range" magpies have yellow beaks unlike those in the rest of the country, so I really can't help much from here.

Any purple iridescence when it took off? Magpies have iridescent feather son their backs.

Why not slip down to your library & look it up? They'll have books in ID'ing local birds.

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