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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

I spent two hours this morning shooting with my phone in a park. I learned a lot. No, I wouldn't be satisfied using only a phone for travel. I really thought it could work for me but I've changed my mind. I can use it for some travel photos but by no means all.

I don't have as much control over how the picture is taken with my phone compared to a camera. The reflection and glare off the screen is a problem at times. Raw files are only available in "pro" mode but it is far from a true "pro" mode - no aperture control. I like control - I used to shoot film with a Canon F1 in manual mode.

I also had problems occasionally getting the camera to focus on the exact spot I wanted like a foreground flower in front of a larger background. It can't always lock on to the smaller object and instead locks on to the background.

In two hours of shooting I ran my battery dry so I'd have to get a pretty powerful external battery pack for travel.

The images themselves seem to be very high quality but I just don't have the control i need to use it exclusively for travel.

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