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Re: choosing next external storage drive

Deb789 wrote:

I do not consider Time Machine a photo back up because I think it compresses files sometimes, doesn't it?

No. It doesn't. It's a one-to-one digital copy of et on your Mac.

What is extra annoying is Finder will not work to search my current NAS when I am searching for a specific subject or photo.

You can get external drives indexed for a Spotlight search:

I know SDD is MUCH more reliable. I know I could use 2 portable SDD drives, but neither would have the 6-8 Tb capacity I will likely need to hold everything until I can retire and start cleaning up my archives.

SDD is not more reliable but is much faster as it has no moving parts.

Also, I am truly sick of plugging and unplugging and keeping track of which photos have been backed up to which drive yet.

You need disk catalogue software, where you can search the results. I've always used DiskCatalogMaker which works for me.

On the other hand, what if a flood or power surge takes out all or part of the RAID unit? And I do not think a new NAS will likely be much faster than the old one because it is on the same network. And what are the chances Finder will work with the new NAS?

As it always does when I am making technical decisions, my head is spinning. What have other people's experience been? In plain terms, what makes the most sense for straight up photo storage?

I'd recommend you keep the NAS for infrequently accessed data and get a 2TB SSD for your photo storage.

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