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Re: M1 is the most efficient SoC in it's class

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The M1 is currently probably the most efficient SoC in it's computational class by a good deal - I know - it's like the transition from DSLR to MILC - some will miss their big heavy and grey boxes - I am happy that there is no Intel or AMD inside MACs any more.

It really does baffle me why some photographers prefer those huge heavy long lenses - which gives them a tiny advantage in image quality but a big disadvantage in ease of getting the shot.

Because if you need the extra stop of light that it gives you, no amount of "ease of getting the shot" is going to save you.

A mere one extra stop of light - especially with today's software - is not something anyone "needs". Shadow detail from one stop under-exposure is recoverable even with JPEGs, let alone RAW.

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