LP-E6 vs LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH self discharge

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Re: LP-E6 vs LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH self discharge

jgveill wrote:

After some days I needed some batteries so I had to use some. Here's the voltage drop. I kept only data after 8 days to have "relaxed" batteries.

It's quite clear, a 18650 (no protection) has .001v drop in 8 days so about .09% voltage drop per month. More time is required to have a valid measurement, but we see self discharge is really low, much lower than what initial Li Ion battery that were close to 2 % a month.

The old NB-2L loss is about .60 % per month. The internal circuits has an impact for sure. The LP-6EN is just over 2.8 % per month. Internal circuit has more impact.

Canon, please look at your battery pack internal protection circuits, it eats power ! Protection should be active when battery is used, not when stored.

Next test, having a battery in the freezer. Li Ion self discharge is much much lower in cold weather. I'm quite sure that Canon battery pack voltage would continue to drop at the same rate as the culprit is the internal circuit and this circuit should not be slowed down by cold temperature.

No, protection needs to be active all the time there is power in a cell. You have to realise just how much potential energy is in lithium based cells. It is not trivial in any way. Things like thermal runaway can be disastrous. What can be done though is a design that has less drain in standby mode. That is something that can be done. However, regulations in certain locales require different specifications and that is where things get complicated. Japan has especially stringent laws these days for this kind of cell. If you look at the average mobile phone or most ot her mass market device with a cell pack you see similar monthly drain in some part because of these rules.

Oh, and single cells, like the 18650 vs a pack with more than one cell have different laws. Single cells rarely require protection by law, a pack does.

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