Z50 for wildlife?

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Re: A large Yes and a small No

I agree with you. On august I used my D500 and Z50 for bird pictures including BIF, I used both with a Tamron 150-600 G2

With static subject there is no problem, Z50 works fine.

BIF, the D500 is lightning fast to lock the subject and keep it in focus, Z50 needs more time to lock and during a burst of 5 you may get only 1 or 2 pics with good focus. I also had the D7500 and I think it was was more reliable with BIF.

Maybe the problem is the Tamron, I noticed that when mounted on Z50 from about 300mm to 600 moves focus ring moves very slowly and takes some seconds to cover entire range.

Anyway I like the Z50 and some really good pictures.

Brueghel wrote:

But you should also consider :

1- the lens they used (the ones I checked did not have this info). The lens chosen is extremely important (in my uneducated eyes I believe the lens contributes to 60 to 65% of the IQ)

2- the % of keepers (compared with mirror cameras)

I do not believe your overall results will be as good as the ones you would get with a D500 eg. Probably on par with a D7500

The AF does not perform very well in some circumstances (a busy forest in the background eg) but does a good job on a clear day with a nice blue sky behind.

Also: max shutter speed is 1/4000 not 1/8000. It will make a difference in some cases (some ducks fly in an extremely agitated fashion :-))))

More importantly: the Z50's initial reaction is much slower than the D7xx. There are tricks to keep it awake and kicking longer but the almost instantaneous response time of a mirror camera is gone. I have missed many opportunities because of that. You just cant keep half pressing the shutter button all the time...


My assessment is that it is anywhere from OK to good for birds. This has more to do with mirrorless than with the Z50 per se.


This said: I love my Z50 and do not regret at all having bought it. I lost a bit of quality on the BIF side but for all the other use cases (including birds nice sitting somewhere), it is great.

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