First G5X - Underrated Bargain, i think!

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Re: First G5X - Underrated Bargain, i think!

Kool Kool

Just like you, I have been looking at small but good raw capable cameras.
For three years, I tried to find a used Sony RX100 III for the price you paid for the G5X. It's difficult to find a nicely priced used one without issues such as the breaking rubbery plastic port covers, scratched screens because the LCD is always exposed, and damaged flash /pop up viewfinder issues. These are the weak points.

Once I realized that portability was what I wanted more than pocketability, I broadened my search to other 1"sensor cameras with similar specs. Raw capability is a must have.

I bought a used G5X about 5 weeks ago like new ,for $300 U.S. and am very happy with it. I am convinced that the dial controls are better than scrolling menus used on other brands. I really like the dial and control ring function assignments .

The EVF is big and bright enough, sturdy because it is a fixed mount, offers customization of display settings, and is still compact. I will not buy a camera without a viewfinder.

I was surprised how good the small sensor is in low light; the G5x has a nice wide aperture range. The LCD won't be scratched if closed during transport and is sturdy.

The short battery life complaint is a valid one, but I would rather buy extra batteries than have long life and less utility. Some owners complain too about the two-handed battery /card door, but I think the design -without a snap shut detent - is what keeps it from breaking like on the RX100.

Focus is sometimes slow, but accurate.

Put a good wrist strap on it and a plastic 58mm Kaiser lens cover over the lens leaves to keep dirt or dust out of the leaves and your good to go even one handed. The camera will shut off if you forget to remove the cover when you power on  ,without damage.

It's a great little camera when you can't or don't want or can't carry a bunch of lenses or a venue doesn't allow a dslr. Similarly spec'd to the G5XII unless one likes 4K video and their file size.
Definitely underrated , I'll guess prices will climb. Best wishes!

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