Worth it to invest in Full Frame as a Fuji shooter?

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Re: Worth it to invest in Full Frame as a Fuji shooter?

tomrath wrote:

Geekapoo wrote:

I own Fuji and also have Sony FF. I purchased the latter for wildlife photography, being disappointed with Fuji AF-C tracking. I'd not have purchased the Sony FF gear if Fuji did everything I wanted.

My suggestion? Stick with Fuji unless a FF camera is demonstrably enabling in ways the Fuji is not..otherwise, you are just havinga GAS attack.

Yeah a severe case of GAS is certainly possible— luckily I’m going to rent an A7III with a 16-35 and 70-200 (both 2.8) next weekend so I’ll be able to determine if I feel it’s something I truly can’t live without, or if the improvement is marginal enough not to justify the upgrade. There are certainly a couple of fundamental drawbacks to shooting APS-C, the biggest of which to me is not being able to achieve as shallow depth of field. As a portrait shooter, that definitely is something I have to gain by moving in the FF direction, and the other benefits like lowlight performance certainly can’t hurt. Beyond that, though, I’ll just have to see what I think when I put it through its paces.

I started a very similar thread a few days ago as a Fuji shooter with decent glass looking at full frame options - this link may be helpful as well for you:


I too also wonder if I should invest any more money in Fuji when it appears they are not going full frame. Would love to hear your thoughts on the a7iii. Have been wondering if this is the time to sell everything I have and move to full frame. Thanks to all the great people here they have given lots of options to think about.

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