DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 3 Advanced - which has better IQ

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Re: DJI Mini 2 or Phantom 3 Advanced - which has better IQ

gebseng wrote:

Thanks Len-O for the informative answer! I think I'll try the Mini 2 for the moment and sell it if something better comes up.

All in all, would you say that the Mini 2 sensor/lens combination is not worse than the Phantom 3 Advanced?



I have the Mini 2, Air 2S, and a Parrot Anafi.  For image quality, the Air 2S is noticeably better than the other two.

Each of these has their advantages.

The Mini 2 is extremely portable.   Although the controllers for all three are about the same size, the Mini 2 and its batteries are much smaller.

The Parrot Anafi is very flexible.  The camera can be tilted 90 deg up or down, the propellers never get in the view of the camera, and it has good video modes that used to cost a lot as add-on but now are very cheap.  Plus, the batteries can be charged by USB cable.  The downside to the Anafi is that it is the least portable (the body is long, and the joysticks on the controller cannot be removed).  Also, it's connection is not as reliable because it is Wi-Fi and subject to interference.  I never run it out of sight (I know, you aren't supposed to run any drone out-of-sight, but I've dropped my Mini 2 into a river canyon and gotten great shots).

The Air 2S is larger than the Mini 2, and the batteries are much larger.  But the images are so much better than either of the other two drones that I tend to use it most of the time.  Unless I need the portability of the Mini 2 or the vertical shooting of the Parrot, I use the Air 2S.

I am traveling now, and have both the Air 2S and Mini 2 in a small bag with all of their accessories and attachments (except prop guards on the Air 2S).  Unless I'm hiking, I've been using the Air 2S.  The images are outstanding.

One thing I do with any of these drones is to shoot RAW and bracket my shots.  Noise is an issue with small sensors.

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