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Kharan Senior Member • Posts: 2,193
EVF, OVF or other type of user poll

Most of us who have been here for a while know that DPR’s audience skews towards older people. But the pandemic has changed quite a few things, and there seem to be fewer (yet more engaged) users coming here now. Also, the change to mirrorless has brought in new trends to the market, especially regarding video. And, there hasn’t been a poll like this in a while, so I figured I could run a new one.

What kind of user are you? Mirrorless (EVF) or DSLR (OVF)? Or maybe you use your phone primarily? Or, *gasp* you like shooting with both arms extended and looking at the LCD of a ‘proper camera’? Whatever it is, I’d like to know. Also, the EVF vs OVF answers are divided into three age groups, which will hopefully let us know if this site still has the same age distribution as before, or if anything has changed.

Myself, I’m 35 years old, and an irredeemable mirrorless user. I like my film SLRs, but I’d rather never return to their digital counterparts.

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I own and shoot with both regularly.
10.1% 8  votes
I use my phone, dedicated cameras are for vest-wearing boomers.
0.0% 0  votes
I use mainly the rear LCD.
6.3% 5  votes
I prefer OVF, and am under 40.
8.9% 7  votes
I prefer OVF, and am between 40 and 60.
7.6% 6  votes
I prefer OVF, and am over 60.
10.1% 8  votes
I prefer EVF, and am under 40.
7.6% 6  votes
I prefer EVF, and am between 40 and 60.
12.7% 10  votes
I prefer EVF, and am over 60.
32.9% 26  votes
Wake me up when cameras can directly interface to my brain. All hail the Borg!
1.3% 1  vote
Other (please specify in a comment).
2.5% 2  votes
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