Best point-and-shoot camera for motorbike racing

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Re: Best point-and-shoot camera for motorbike racing

Mike200927 wrote:

Next year I will visit the famous Isle of Man TT motorbike race.

For this event I want to buy a point-and- shoot camera. I'm not a pro and don't want to carry a large camera with all kind of different parts.

I know point-and-shoot has it limitations but I am ok with that. I assume I must have a camera which is fast and has a good burst mode.

Can someone advise me which camera's can do this, specific, job?

Thanks a lot, Mike

My favorite race to watch. The Panasonic FZ300 come to mind, maybe the 2500. If you don't care about weather proofing the FZ1000. These are fast cameras. (I have the FZ200, the non-weather resistant version of the FZ300, and had the FZ1000.)

Racing presents a few challenges, but so long as you are aware of them, you can make it work. You have two things to practice before going to the race: manual focus and focus locking (AFL/AEL). Even AF tracking isn't going to be fast enough. BUT you have the advantage of distance and depth of field. Time to go back to older techniques.

I don't want to go too far into DOF. The FZ300 uses a small sensor so, by design the DOF is fairly deep at 10 feet, even wide open.

Now, this may seem counter intuitive, but iA+ mode or Sport mode is probably a better choice than Manual or Shutter priority. These modes interpret movement. Just cap the ISO so it doesn't drift high. Again, it's something to play with. Go to the side of a busy road and see what each mode does.

IOMTT adds another twist-fog and haze. The FZ300 is weather resistant and has a continuous 2.8 zoom. I'd add a UV/haze filter.

Autofocus and racing is always tricky. It's good so long as a subject is not coming almost straight on and straight across. With focus locking and manual focus you can pre-focus on zones to capture. The FZ's have a reasonably fast CAF and use DFD, but they work best when you keep the camera trained on a zone, not hunt for an image.

Also keep in mind the 4K video function-you can capture a still burst with these cameras.

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