Practical tips using medium format gear.

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Practical tips using medium format gear.

Hello to all,

I would like to point out some tips after using for some time GFX system

Actually my point is to get as much as possible from this great system and also where it can really benefit compared to smaller formats.


While we actually in real life 99% don’t that much details in pictures there are cases where it can have real benefit , one of them is large prints but even that is not good enough reason as bigger prints tends to be viewed from grater distance and then all the benefits of extra pixels are gone.

What is needed is to make viewer come closer , then the composition starts to play , if we have one big picture with smaller parts of interest it is like 2 i 1 picture which will bring viewer for closer inspection and actually extra details will have big benefit.

I captured this image on recent trip (not the best image but to illustrate my point)

There is one big picture of all scene and there is part with children where viewer on bigger prints will come closer to see them. It is like picture in picture and there it opens up endless possibilities and different thinking when composing.

This image is done handheld.


One of the great things we have is Ibis on camera, I found that it can work very well when using high speed burst mode , camera will take few images even when you press shutter once , here benefit is that on first and maybe second image there is camera movement just from pressing the shutter but second later camera is more stable and images are sharper , it really works for me , and I was able to get easily sharp images at 100mm,  1/8 , as shown on image below.


Getting most of the pixels sharp can be challenging and in many cases not ideal focus can make things worse and we my loose easily the benefit that we have with that great sensor.

With great lens it is quite easy but with not perfect lens it can be challenging for example my 100-200 if I focus on centre right side will be quite blurry, what I found that works best for me is focusing the lens at selected aperture (I assigned one of the buttons to dof preview) and then focusing the problematic part of image , that will give me more even sharpness across the frame.

Focusing lens wide open didn’t work.

(Here I used tripod)

This are some things that I have notices while using GFX system , probably most of you know all this but if it can benefit one person I would consider time well spent.

And sorry for my english.

All the best wishes


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