Warning: Do Not Buy A Camera From Abe’s of Maine

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Re: Warning: Do Not Buy A Camera From Abe’s of Maine

lewiedude2 wrote:

Einst Stein wrote:

I had very good experience with them. The problem might be on the Fuji side.

I am sure you know you are getting a grey market item for the extremely good price. A grey market item is a grey market item. It would not covered by the US regional waranttee. It is a common sense.

I use Leica and Hasselblad. These brands honor their factory warrantee for every brand new camera you get from any seller. You can get their official service. They charge of course according to the warrantee status. Where you get that brand new item is irrelevant.

Stop accusing Abe as if they are bad business. As far as warrant tee goes, it is like you get you stuff from an oversea seller. You enjoy the lower price for your decision, and so as the package deal comes with it.
Blame Fijifilm for the missing of factory warranties. Or switch to Leica or Hasselblad.

Did I miss something here? Didn’t the OP purchase an extended warranty from AbesoMaine? Why isn’t Abe’s honoring their end of the deal with the warranty they sold them? Fuji isn’t to blame here at all. Period. Grey market is certainly a gamble. Sometimes you get value out of it or you get stuck with a problem that can’t be claimed on a warranty. You take the risk all on your own. With anything you buy the way the OP did.

Good luck and happy shooting to all!

I think you missed the bit where the OP has made repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact Abe's to claim on the extended warranty.

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