6K 2.4:1 AnamorphicSIRUI 50mmT2.9 FF1.6X

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6K 2.4:1 AnamorphicSIRUI 50mmT2.9 FF1.6X

Sirui have started releasing L-mount anamorphic lenses after a clamour of interest from under-served S1/S1H, and perhaps fp/SL2S, filmmakers.

Full-frame image circle, T-stops, Cine gearing, and greater FF 1.6X squeeze:

"…When shot in 3:2, it will yield a 2.4:1 aspect ratio. When the sensor is set at 16:9, you’ll end up with a much wider 2.8:1 aspect ratio…"

These are direct Sirui designs, as opposed to the collaborative L-mount modifications offered in Britain by MTF Services for the current APS-C 1.33X anamorphic lens line.

50mmT2.9 so far:

"…this 50mm lens can deliver a horizontal angle of view we’d expect from a 31mm regular lens…"

No mention of it, yet, from DPR so I thought I’d spread the word. It’s definitely the anamorphic lens of greatest interest to me for exploring film:

Very versatile focal length, 2nd+ generation production, reasonable ART-like size, inexpensive for its class.

$1200 intro price with an IndieGoGo release: 12th OCT.

I’m not sure of the current status of in-camera de-squeeze options for the various L-Mount Alliance cameras as there have been so many firmware upgrades that sources are often not comprehensive. I’d expect 1.6X to become available in-camera via firmware if it isn’t already, as Lumix are regularly responding here. Otherwise de-squeeze at an editing station.

Hopefully, PhotoJoseph, CineD/Johnnie Behiri, CVP, ProVideo Coalition, LumixLive/Sean Robinson, or comprehensive newcomers will cover this soon, in relation to 6K Open Gate 2.4:1, and especially the S1, S1H, S5, fp and SL2-S.

SIRUI 50mmT2.9 FF1.6X Anamorphic. Source: https://cf.sirui.com/lens/Anamorphic/fullframe

SIRUI 50mmT2.9 FF1.6X Anamorphic. Source: https://cf.sirui.com/lens/Anamorphic/fullframe

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