Poll: DSLR (OVF) or Mirrorless (EVF) by age.

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John Spaar
John Spaar Senior Member • Posts: 1,001
Poll: DSLR (OVF) or Mirrorless (EVF) by age.

I am conducting this poll to put to rest the idea that older folks (like myself) just don't like change


That younger people just jump at every new thing.

I don't believe neither is 100% true.

I believe there are underlying reasons : ie  Eyesight, Adaption to near sight devices( cell phone, tablets, etc. Habits, costs of restocking etc.

Not sure how this works, but please vote on one only and explanations are not required.

This poll is what you want, not what you feel you should do or say.

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DSLR and 45 years or older.
18.8% 36  votes
Mirrorless 45 years or older.
58.3% 112  votes
DSLR under 45 years of age.
10.9% 21  votes
Mirrorless under 45 years of age.
12.0% 23  votes
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