2021: Wait on Fuji Update or Move to Full Frame (Canon/Sony Mirrorless)?

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Craig Gillette Forum Pro • Posts: 11,866
Re: 2021: Wait on Fuji Update or Move to Full Frame (Canon/Sony Mirrorless)?

I'm a Sony user, fwiw.  My impression is Fuji is not going to go FF soon, more likely never.  A change of brand/mount is often a start over.  A change from aps-c to ff is often pretty much a start over, perhaps somewhat less so with Sony.  Any of those sorts of changes takes some amount of time and money to accomplish, so, if needing to go FF in another mount, I'd suggest just doing it once, not having an interim step to something else in aps-c, then to FF.  Any system/mount, I'd be a little hesitant to look too far into the future towards hoped for/unannounced product advances.

That said, it might make sense to stay the course for a while with Fuji if reasonable to expect a new release that might clear up some of your concerns.  Sony, as opposed to Canon and Nikon has a fairly established aps-c product line and there is some inter-operability between aps-c and ff.  However, while wished for, there is still little beyond dreams for an aps-c mini A9 of some sort.  Canon and Nikon, the aps-c system futures are even less clear than Sony's which at least has a pretty broad range in bodies and lenses already.

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