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Re: new miniLED display resolution seems to be improved

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joger wrote:

The M1 is currently probably the most efficient SoC in it's computational class by a good deal - I know - it's like the transition from DSLR to MILC - some will miss their big heavy and grey boxes - I am happy that there is no Intel or AMD inside MACs any more.

It really does baffle me why some photographers prefer those huge heavy long lenses - which gives them a tiny advantage in image quality but a big disadvantage in ease of getting the shot.


I have no idea what you're trying to say?

I've owned several big and heavy ultra fast primes and I've replaced them with a lighter and smaller G 200..600 being slower but smaller and lighter than some of the big and fast primes I had used before - or let's put it the other way - lenses that collects dust on the shelf.

Being ¼ of the price of e.g. my canon 300 f/2.8 L IS USM II and almost 2 lb lighter it is more often in my photo bag than the fast 300 ever was let alone the 400 f/2.8.

Small is beautiful - smaller is even more beautiful.

E.g. I use my GM 135 as 70..200 f/2.8 replacement - on the A7R IV and potentially 102 MP successor cropping is an option for top notch results.

I don't miss my large bulky and heavy DSLRs a second - but that's maybe my age dictating the stuff I want to carry all day 🤣

Nevertheless - I am looking forward to the upcoming MBP 14" - Macrumors has published the potential screen resolution of the 14" MBP being 3024 x 1964 => 2x 1512 x 982 compare to the current lossy scaling of 1680 x 1050 - close enough and potentially much sharper and more suitable for daily work.

Makes a lot of sense IMHO.

As you've just paraphrased what I said, I can't understand why you have no idea what I was saying??.

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