NYC Moonrise (9/19/21) and Qs about IQ and Shutter Shock

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NYC Moonrise (9/19/21) and Qs about IQ and Shutter Shock


I was unable to get shots of the Harvest Moon on 9/20 but went out the day before and got a series of shots of the moonrise over midtown Manhattan. Timing was actually perfect the day before the full moon as the sunset provided a nice glowing effect on the Empire State and other buildings. All shots were with a Sigma 100-400 L mount lens mounted to my SL2-S on a sturdy tripod setup.

I have two questions:

Image Quality:

Given all of the variables I'm about to highlight, is the IQ in the shots below on par with what you would expect from this combo? To the variables...

  • I was 14 miles from the city, which was intentional to get the magnified effect you see below. Actually, since I had to crop the image a bit, 10-miles away would have been perfect but there was no elevated viewing point at that distance.
  • Making matters worse, there was a pretty noticeable layer of smog in the air so I was shooting through a ton of crap (technical term).
  • Due to the shutter shock from the 5-bracket sequences I shot (see comment below), the only useable files were the first from each sequence and each of those were about 1.5-2 stops underexposed (so I had to do a fair amount of rescuing in LR).
  • I cropped these to square format. The resulting files ranged from 3000 - 3700 pixels (versus the 4000 native on the short side for SL2-S files)
  • Also, I'm guessing the DPR upload hits the resolution of the files I uploaded. 

Shutter Shock:

You don't see it with these files but for each sequence I took, I did a five frame bracket to give myself the best chance of getting the perfect exposure (either from a single frame or combining in PS). The first shot of each sequence was steady but all other shots in the sequence had what appeared to be massive shutter shock. I (naively?) never expected this as I was shooting with a very sturdy tripod setup and used the Leica photos app to trigger the shutter.

2nd question: Is shutter shock in this setup normal? The shutter speed was either 1/100 or 1/200. It really bummed me out as the moon alignment won't repeat like this over midtown for quite a while.

With all the caveats above, by all means, I encourage any constructive C & C.

Thanks in advance,


I wasn't paying attention to the planes descending into EWR until the very end when I took this last shot (below). After the fact, I went back and saw that I got one when the moon was lower and the flight path was "above" the moon (the shot above). If I was a bit more focused (no pun intended), I'm sure there was a shot with a plane flying through the moon. Doh!

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