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tkbslc wrote:

I just can't figure out why a random VPN service is any more trustworthy than my ISP. Someone has the logs of every site I've requested either way.

A good VPN service does not keep ANY logs of your activity. Some VPNs make that very pledge. ISPs, on the other hand, may very well make it part of their business model to keep track of what you do and either use that info for their own marketing efforts or offer services for sale to others using that info.

Both are going to bow to their local govt if forced by law.

It is probably true that if the govt wants to know what you're doing, they can probably find a way to watch you. In my country, I do hope that there's a glimmer of due process required before they can watch anything they want. Not the case in some countries, though.

There are other benefits to using a VPN, like hiding your location or consuming media intended for other markets. But I wouldn't count on most of them to be "safe".

You'd have to define what you mean by "safe". End-to-end encryption where there is no middleman that has access to the content is the least vulnerable to spying. For example, an https connection is going to be pretty good at protecting the contents of the transmission. But, routing an https connection through your ISP still lets the ISP see what host you were contacting at what time of day. Using a VPN service with DNS routing through the VPN tunnel hides that info from the ISP so all the ISP sees is you contacting the VPN server you connected to. And, a good VPN provider is not collecting your access data at all.

My main interest in using a VPN was for entirely different reasons. External WiFi access such as airports, hotels, restaurants, etc... is often of entirely unknown scrupples or competence. Just remember that if something on the internet is "free", then you are probably the product. They are probably trying to collect info about you and sell that info. Think about that next time you connect to "free" airport, ballpark or coffee shop WiFi.

They may be collecting info on your browsing or they may just have such poor security that they themselves are vulnerable to hacking. A VPN will at least help protect your communications from vulnerable or malicious WiFi infrastructure while still letting you use it to access the internet.

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