Nikon 200-600mm When?

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Re: For me, maybe never?

djrocks66 wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

djrocks66 wrote:

I remember when Sony's first couple of years with the E mount was filled with negative comments about how they don't have any lenses. Look at them now!

Still a bit limited with more specialist lenses such as T&S and big telephoto zooms.

Yes, but still doing quite well and with lots of third party help.

One thing I learned recently is that the in-camera corrections in Sony bodies work with  3rd party lenses, because each lens stores the correction data and communicates it to the body.  Sony supported the 3rd party providers with this technology.  This is something we won't see with Nikon even if those 3rd party lenses are eventually ported to the Z mount.

The in-camera corrections are of growing importance because the lens designers are increasingly relying on their presence.  It makes a difference not just for jpgs but also in the rendering in the EVF.  This is especially valuable in UWA lenses with a lot of distortion compensations.

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