RF lenses in europe

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Re: RF lenses in europe

GreatWhiteWing wrote:

Sittatunga wrote:

Some official importers (particularly in the USA) take such a dim view of grey imports that they won't even take them in for a paid service.

I have bought gray market but when I do I factor in one service call payment into my calculation. From my unofficial watching of threads $300-400 seems reasonable for a service so If I can save more than that on gray market, to me, it's worth it which I did when I got my 5D4 and happy with my decision. No service needed within the 1 year period

Last I heard Canon will service gray market equipment (not under warranty) unlike Nikon which a friend of mine got burned on

You meant to say Canon USA will.  Canon UK will too.  US Nikon's behaviour would be frowned on on Europe as anti-competitive but I don't know if it's actually illegal.  But UK, EU and USA are a small proportion of the world market, which is why I qualified my statement.

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