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I typically don't respond to comments on my photos because I couldn't care less about the opinions of others.

Given that, why do you post the photos?

To simply share them with other photographers. For me, especially in the beginning, looking at the work of others was a great source of learning if it's a photo I admire or even if it's not.

That is actually useful whereas the aesthetic opinions of others is pretty much useless. It's all subjective. Most of the aesthetic or artistic input from is nonsensical; crops, creases, etc.

Why would anyone care about the aesthetic or artistic opinions of other photographers? People who will never pay me a dime for what I do.


I agree with most of what you say. I don't critique a photo unless asked.

Creative tastes, opinions differ. Who is giving the critique can make a huge difference in how useful the critique is. Are they familiar with the genre ? Does this person pay for the type of photo they are critiquing ?

A photo editor for a global magazine in my genre told me to be very aware of who is giving a critique and be very careful on following advice.

Great post!

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