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TheMerchantofVenice wrote:

Jeep_Joseph wrote:

I may try parting out my d4, changing out the mirror mechanism, processors, motherboard, and casing on my d4 to make it a d4s.

I would really, seriously, urge you to reconsider this project

In my view your money would be better spent if directed to camera replacement.

Same, ditto! Don’t do that, that’s not smart. Also the cheapest D5 Ive ever seen was $2450 and it was a gray market, USA models are between $2900-$3900! I paid $3,800 for the last D5 that I bought, it was USA model like new and only 20k on the shutter and that was in early 2020. Anyways you can definitely get a D4s for around $1,800. Also according to Nikon the D4s does have a new sensor compared to the D4, however many believe that’s a stretch and from what I’ve gleaned over the years from reliable sources at NPS, a friend who is a Nikon Ambassador and others is that the D4s has a new micro-lens array and a less strong AA/OLPF filter and of course a new image processor! The D4s does produce sharper images than the D4 and much sharper video. So Nikon definitely did change something, but I’m not sure it’s a completely new sensor or what Nikon considers new. However Nikon recently did admit that the D6 and D5 do share the exact same sensor just with the D6 having a new image processor/engine. Whereas Nikon never admitted that with the D4s, they are sticking to their guns that the D4s has a new sensor. Their words, not mine, so don’t call me out, lol!

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