Question for the experts. GFX 100S IBIS related.

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Re: Question for the experts. GFX 100S IBIS related.

JimKasson wrote:

Antonio Chagin wrote:

Jared Willson wrote:

Antonio Chagin wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

Antonio Chagin wrote:

This is a better example, See inside the circle.

Thermal atmospheric effects?

I didn’t think of it, that could be an answer.

I don’t usually shoot with teles from the air.

Almost has to be. It would be very difficult for anything IBIS or OIS related to effect one small part of the image near the middle differently from the rest of the image. All the tip/tilt mechanisms apply to the entire image circle. And if you were shooting from a helicopter or plane, for example, rather than just a balcony, there are tons of heat plumes coming off various parts of the aircraft could easily be localized, even at moderate focal lengths. Even if this is just a balcony, I'd go with thermal atmospheric effects. They are much more commonly an issue that most people think.

This is very helpful and clarifies the issue. Thanks.

Note the AC heat exchangers on the roofs of the center group of buildings.

Excellent point.

Could be 300+ units, hot humid weather.  Lots of very hot, very moist air being released, could be fairly continuously when ambient is, say, 28/82+ (C/F).

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