New ON1 RAW 2022 out! I find it very useful for RAFs.

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New ON1 RAW 2022 out! I find it very useful for RAFs.

Hello, everyone!

A new version of ON1 RAW converter was released today - ON1 RAW 2022.

I was not using ON! RAW before, but I find this particular version to be very interesting for using with Fuji's RAFs.

I've used DXO for last 6 or 7 years while I was shooting Sony and Nikon. But in the beginning of 2022 I've switched to Fuji (could not resist X-S10 for that, it is a nearly ideal camera for me). And I had a dire need of finding a new RAW converter as DXO cannot work with X-Trans RAFs...

I preferred DXO for two tings - it's powerful tone editor (highlights/shadows) that allowed recovering LOTS of information from both lost highlights and shadows and for it's brilliant noise remover - PRIME and now DEEP PRIME.

I will not elaborate on process of choosing, but I found Silkypix's results to be most pleasing. But Silky's logic is... strange for me, I could not fully adapt to it since winter...

Back then I've tested ON1 2021 also and I found it to be quite nice piece of software, but it had a VERY weak denoise part. Later ON1 released as a standalone application it new NoNoise AI software. It does denoising simultaneously with demosaic process, just like DXO does. And it shows great results! ON1 promiced too include NoNoise AI into ON1 RAW and this new version was released today.

I've tried a trial version and I can say that I am really impressed with easiness and power of this program.

Main On1 RAW 2022 Pro's for me:

1. Works with files and folders on your hard drive directly with no "projects", "collections", e.t.c. (it CAN work with collections also if you prefer this style)

2. Has pre-made profiles for huge amount of lenses that improve IQ quite a bit. This is what DXO also does, but DXO operates with couples (lens+camera), while ON1 operates with lenses only. It is good for me since I am using Fuji Camera with Nikon lenses.

3. Powerful tool for tones editing and recovering (whites-hughlghts-middes-sharows-blacks), not worse then DXO and C1 have.

4. Very good sharpening tool that gives results similar to DXO's "lens sharpening", not just unsharp mask variation.

5. GREAT no noise AI mode that removes noise very effectively (on par with DXO) and simultaneously recover tiny details - on1 did a very good job on this.

6. Powerful tools for work with colors. They can be added if you need them in "Effects" tab. This Effects tab looks like a powerful feature and needs to be explored yet..)

7. The logic of this program seems quite easy for my, unlike SilkyPix's one...

They also have Sky Swap and Portrait editor built in but I see them more like pretty toys then something serious...

I find this program to be most interesting and worthy of trying out at least. For me, as I see it now, it is very likely to become a Raw converter of my choice.

And here are some samples of ON1's work:

This was shot with Nikon D7500.

This was shot with X-S10

X-S10 again, ISO 12800

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