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Why not import a lens from HK/China? I have done this a number oif times and saved a lot of money with great service


I presume Digital Rev ships to Belgium.


Because since a few months now if you import something from outside europe to belgium you have to pay customs fee and its substantial, so no not going to do that.

A reputable grey importer (there is such a thing) will quote prices including duty, VAT and delivery, a lot of them include a year or three years insurance based warranty and you have 14 days to return items for a refund, but...

DigitalRev charge a 15% restocking fee if you've opened the box and it's not faulty but you've changed your mind.

Some official importers (particularly in the USA) take such a dim view of grey imports that they won't even take them in for a paid service.

So digitalrev is reputable?

I never said that, though they claim a customer satisfication of 4.9/5 on TrustPilot. I've never dealt with them myself, or checked what guarantees they offer, but then I'm not that impressed with their prices.  Other grey importers are available, though I've not heard of any Belgian ones.

Store.canon.be list the RF 24-105 that you're interested in at €1220, but it's not in stock. The STM version is in stock at €510, the 24-240mm at €1020, the 50mm f/1.8 at €240, the 85mm f/2 at €720 and they will let you pre-order the new 100-400mm for €750. Most of the rest of their stock is over €1000.

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