Nikon 200-600mm When?

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Re: Nikon 200-600mm When?

Joel Klein wrote:

p5freak wrote:

Joel Klein wrote:

I’m also waiting for it. Its a bloody wait for everyone, retailer’s and customers. I did some research learned the main issue is chips shortage.

Thats not true. Sigma and Tamron keep releasing lenses, they also need chips. If we look at the last 12 months, during the chip shortage, Tamron and Sigma released 16 lenses, Nikon released 6 lenses.

You want to suggest that chip shortage is a false gimmick and its a game to charge more for sold goods?! Who knows?! And why would Nikon, Canon wait to “sell?” When they sell they make money! Explain how they are profitable while playing the waiting game?!

No, the chip shortage is real. I dont know why Nikon is not releasing lenses, while others do.

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