Could you recomend a video tripod?

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Re: Could you recomend a video tripod?

Wahrsager wrote:


I was wondering if someone would mind recommending a reasonable tripod the can accommodate smooth panning for video?

I need to put together a purchase list for work and think a stand-alone tripod might not make sense if I can get a tripod that can do both stills and video well.

That's more an issue of the head than the legs. Obviously the legs need to be good enough but with a small camera likely in studio or other non challenging environments good enough legs aren't a huge problem. You don't need a high end heavy duty video tripod with a bowl. A standard stills tripod with a video head on top will work. Also dealing with vehicles I'm guessing you aren't hiking. That means a heavier (and therefore cheaper) set of legs won't be a problem.

In short put your money towards the head not a fancy set of sticks. A used heavy duty tripod will likely work no worse for you than the latest high priced model.

What else? Lights never hurt. Matte box and filters won't hurt. In the end the question is how much of a budget do you have and what are the problems you need to deal with.

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