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Mmm... as an M8 and M9P owner I do not relate with that guy, I have them because they are enjoyable, not because the "Leica look", "micro-contrast", "red-dot" blah blah blah all that kool-aid BS that many love so much.

They are not more special than my Fuji X-T3, that I also like very much.

Leica has a "CULT FOLLOWING" and that includes me that does not even have a clue on shooting a rangefinder.. Just bought another one this afternoon and could careless...

Sorry, we are not a Cult. we just appreciate what Leica brings to market and subsequently satisfies our demands.. L

No demands here and still think its a "LEICA CULT" as a snap is a snap no matter where its snapped from... I take better snaps with my iPhone 12Pro max then I do with my Leica as never shot my Leica's yet..:)  But your right..Just giving u a hard time..waiting for my big rig to arrive in the am from Allens Camera..:)

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