Could you make some video-related hardware recommendations?

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Re: Could you make some video-related hardware recommendations?

verybiglebowski wrote:

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I was hoping somebody might be able to recommend some things you find indispensable for video. (I'll be using an A7 III body). I have a notion I'll need some sort of tripod that accommodates panning (put a post for that here ). I have a spare battery, I don't have a color checker yet nor do I have a plate that connects the body with a future head. I'll be making videos of vehicles and people interacting with them in a variety of environments, mostly indoors. Cost isn't so much a concern.

Any tips would be appreciated, I'm a video noob.

Thank you.

I can reply as per my expirences with a tripod for photo and video, but for the rest of the stuff (about video) it is far too complex (4+ years of univeristy studies).

Do you know how to set-up picture profiles - gamma logs, knee and black levels, dynamic exposure correction, light temperature, color depth and sampling? (just to start with). If you don’t, you might not really need color checker a simple gray card should suffice.

I haven't a clue - but do plan on a color checker and a metering/white card minimally. (I use it myself for stills).

As a first step I would recommand to build a video rig, add external monitor and learn manual focusing and aperture correction (clickless lens aperture). Consider also ND filters.

Atomos? Know one that can accomodate an A7III and A7R IV?

Regarding tripod and heads, I have been looking for the universal solution but finally I give up. There were some concepts like uniqball few years back where the ball head can be locked for the panning, but none allowed to make a smooth camera movements. I have now two tripod systems, Gitzo and Sirui Ball head for photo and Manfrotto tripod with a NitroTech head for video.

I would thus recommand separate solutions, with a fluid (or gas) head for video.

That's the hunch I had, thanks.

If you need a single solution, consider a video head with the half ball. With it, you should be able to compose for the photo too. Not so convinient as with the smaller photo full ball head, but doable if you don’t need to compose fast or make extreme angles. Something like this -

Thank you very much for your input!

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