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In a wildly overpriced city, in a wildly overpriced art, it's a nice deep breath to have a little access to a lab like that. I don't shoot enough rolls at a time to justify the cost of dev chems to do it at home (because film itself is expensive!) so I can make the compromise when the price is that reasonable.

I imagine mailing into a lab doesn't shake out to much cheaper?

Correct. The per roll cost usually is $12-$18 (and higher) depending on how many extra services you want. And a lot of those prices are scan only, you don't get the negatives back or prints.

I've never known any Lab that kept the negatives, whenever I've had "dev and a disc", I always get the negatives back no question.

Possibly you’ve not sent anything to a lab in the last 10 years, that’s pretty common now. There’s been quite a few people who’ve posted problems on the film forum and when asked to see the negatives have replied that the lab has destroyed them after scanning

This year, I have used Simple Photography Services (Petaluma) as well as The Darkroom and both returned scanned images and negatives. I would never use labs that do not return my negatives.

P.S.: I highly recommend Simple Photography Services.

I have looked at The Darkroom and its an example of prohibitively high pricing for casual film use. It is probably a great service for professional developing.

$12 per roll base for development w/ negatives, then +$8 per roll for high quality scans. The base price alone makes this unreasonable for hobbyist experimentation.

The "Simple Photography Services" is similar at $7.50 per roll base + $9 per roll hq scan.

None of the above prices include shipping either, but at least those are usually per order prices, not per roll.

Anyway, I have yet to find anything online that is anywhere close to local service pricing where a roll of film could be developed with negatives and either prints or scans for under $10 a roll.

When I think of film being "dead", its a lot like records. There is still service and product available for those dedicated to it at a premium price, but its just not accessible broadly anymore.

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