Color/Luminosity separation

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Re: yes

Currantos wrote:

yes, that is what I have more or less arrived at from gathering all the possible information.

Thank you for making it clear and your explanation hits it exactly on the head. When things are 'extreme", i.e when we approach 0 or 256 then something has to give, either color or saturation or luminosity or whatever. And with different 'work-arounds' of separating luminosity/color that 'compromise' is made differently. So when I was putting them side by side I was seeing different final results even though I originally thought I am working with "true color" and "true luminosity" so why am I ending up with different looking final images.

I think I have it now and I simply will have a consistent workflow, even maybe create an action and stick to that approach you described. I also need to be very careful when I have shadows approaching black and highlights approaching white and realize that when I finally recombine the images there won't be 'true color' in those areas anymore no matter what I started with.

Thank you again and I think with everyone's help I am where I need to be.

If preserving the colour is your absolute priority, I think the only reasonably straightforward way is to learn GIMP and use HSV Value when you want to change the tone curve.

Even in the most extreme cases the colour is preserved by using HSV Value.  I'm not sure why people are so keen on using luminosity and similar measures of brightness/lightness for tone curve changes (either global or local).  HSV Value makes a lot more sense to me.

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