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In a wildly overpriced city, in a wildly overpriced art, it's a nice deep breath to have a little access to a lab like that. I don't shoot enough rolls at a time to justify the cost of dev chems to do it at home (because film itself is expensive!) so I can make the compromise when the price is that reasonable.

I imagine mailing into a lab doesn't shake out to much cheaper?

Correct. The per roll cost usually is $12-$18 (and higher) depending on how many extra services you want. And a lot of those prices are scan only, you don't get the negatives back or prints.

I've never known any Lab that kept the negatives, whenever I've had "dev and a disc", I always get the negatives back no question.

Its not that they always kept the negatives, its that in some cases either the base price was high and they send back negs or base price is less, but sending back negs is an addon price.

So essentially I'm correct, you can get the negatives back if you request them before D&D.

I never said you weren't correct, but I also never said all labs don't send back negatives. I said that at the prices that might even be close to affordable, you cannot get negatives back and scans from most labs. However there are definitely some labs that don't have an option for negatives to be sent back at all, like CVS.

Various services

have different plans. It always amounted to a very high per roll price ($15+) if you wanted:

- negatives back

- hq scans

I want the negatives for future, but I don't have the ability to scan them myself. I don't really care about prints.

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