D500 Dust in VF

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Re: D500 Dust in VF

NewP510owner wrote:

Does anyone know how to remove a few dust specks that appear to be in my Viewfinder, I have unscrewed my eyepiece and cleaned both sides of that have also rocket blown the other piece of glass that sits just inside the VF - but these couple of specks are still there.

I know its not important and wont affect anything - its just annoying seeing them every time I look through the Vf.

They are not on the screen or mirror as they can be moved when I tilt the camera up or down - they are deffiatly in the eyepiece section.

I dont have dust but once in a while I get a teeny tiny bug that crawls around in it. could never get them out so just wait till the die LOL, believe me a moving spot bugs you worse than one sitting  in one spot

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