C&C Penguins at ZSL

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Re: C&C Penguins at ZSL

I see these are taken with a very old type of camera. If you've not tried a newer one you may be surprised how much they have improved in every way. Having said that I'm pretty impressed with the image quality that you've posted but I think some further work will help.

The fits one was too far away so you were left with a lot of uninteresting wasted space around the edge. The out of focus rock in the foreground was pretty ugly and distracting so I cropped to leave the Penguin and reflection larger in the frame. I've also cut out the fibreglass rock shelter things that looked too obviously man made. I had not noticed when looking on my phone that the bird is preening its chest and if you have another frame with the bill pointing out horizontally it would look better to most people's eyes. I always want birds to look like the picture in the guide books so preening looks disappointing in still images but interesting in a video. Anyway imagine it is looking to our left!

This one was the best of your bunch and just needed brightening over all the image. I used the shadows part of the shadows and highlights tool, then increased the contrast slightly. I left the image area virtually the same as I thought the rocks and pebbles looked part of a natural habitat.

To be honest I think this is the only one of the four pictures you should show in public. Go back and try again, at least you'e not got to go back to the Antarctic!

I hope this is of interest and help if you are new to this.

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