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Re: Nury

Krav Maga wrote:

wembley1966 wrote:

They are indeed great shots of a beautiful girl


1. they are not exactly branding shots for her career

I typically don't respond to comments on my photos because I couldn't care less about the opinions of others.

But I'm curious, how could you possibly know what is or is not exactly branding shots for her career? How could you know that? Well, unless you personally know her and know what she's about, and know what she wants in her career. There is that possibility. But if I were a betting person, I would take the bet that you know nothing about her all day long.

Yet, here you are with an opinion and no way of knowing if its relevant or not. It's actually kind of interesting.

Wow!! You opened with "Nury is a local singer/songwriter who wanted some branding photos." so is it really unfair to expect that the viewer/reader who obviously knows nothing about her considers the branding is for her singer/songwriting?

Never mind the fact that there were a variety of different types of photos made.

Meaningless because that's not what you showed us.

2. there is a really distracting crease on the floor (yes I am probably the only one willing to look elsewhere in the frame)

LOL A distracting crease on the floor? Oh, man. I nearly spit out a mouthful of coffee. Some of theinput on these forums never ceases to baffle me.

You don't have to agree with me. We could all just salivate at the girl with no clothes on if that's what you are wanting us to do, but this is a photo forum and if it had been a photo of someones dog the point would still be valid because there is a crease in the floor that could have been taken care of in 1/2 a second. I guess it was part of your art aesthetic if it offends so.

I am sorry that my comments upset you. You are a fantastic photographer and your models are amazing, the lighting  and sets/locations are great but relax. Have another cup of coffee and try not to spit it out this time.



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