2021: Wait on Fuji Update or Move to Full Frame (Canon/Sony Mirrorless)?

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Re: 2021: Wait on Fuji Update or Move to Full Frame (Canon/Sony Mirrorless)?

Chris R-UK wrote:

procto21 wrote:

Chris R-UK wrote:

I understand the lower light limitations of you XT-2, but you are a bit vague about the limitations for fast action. AF speed, AF tracking, fps rates, EVF blackout, rolling shutter......? Can you be a bit more specific because I, for one, wouldn't call the EOS R a camera for fast action photography.

Sure thing. AF speed, AF tracking and buffer for me mainly. I am open to any feedback about either system. I have friends who shoot both Sony, Nikon and Canon. Most have said that I would get better low light performance and better AF tracking and AF speed with an entry to middle level full frame version. I will totally acknowledge newer fuji stuff is slightly better, but my main hesitancy is that I can get a newer full frame alternative for the price of a newly introduced Fuji.

But what about the cost of the lenses that you would need for FF? What is the total cost of replacing your Fujifilm system with a FF system?

It's looking like I have $3500-4K in everything I have on the used market. I would not replace everything from a lens standpoint. It also appears that Canon and Sony have more intermediate lens options than Fuji. I certainly would go cheap on the glass, I would just be more intentional knowing how I shoot the fuji now if I decided to go in that direction.

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