The 70350G and the 1655G in Lüneburg, Germany

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The 70350G and the 1655G in Lüneburg, Germany

Who says wide angle lenses are needed for city tours? Well, yes, they are, but in my recent vacation in the small city of L√ľneburg, Germany, I really liked to have the 70350 with me for those detail shots you might overlook otherwise. All pics presented taken with the A6600, both with the SEL70350G and the SEL1655G.

Let's start with a picture of medieval Lüneburg, somewhat around the 16th century (not 100% sure here), taken in the salt museum of the town:

Interesting thing is that most of this map is still accurate! Of course the town's city walls have disappeared nowadays, and one of the churches that can be seen on this map has vanished, but everything else is pretty much the same. Quite amazing, and another impressive fact is that among the 2000 buildings forming the city center more than 1300 are under historic preservation.

A look from the rather new, only 114 years old water tower (not on the map above) shows this mixture of mostly old and 35% new:

Why is Lüneburg that well preserved? Well, the city got rich producing and selling salt under a monopoly for a large region. Around 1600 it was at the height of its wealth. So its citizens were able to invest heavily in sturdy built brick houses and nice enough, lavishly decorated half-timbered ones. After losing its monopoly later to less expensive French salt, an economic decline set in; so new houses weren't needed due to population decline and weren't built because lack of funds. Also Lüneburg never was ravaged by wars, even escaping serious damage in World War II (nearby Hamburg wasn't that lucky), and in the economic uprise after WWII soon a sense for preservation set in, making Lüneburg a very nice city to walk through till today. Here some impressions.

Facade of an old brewery, now a student residence:

Detail of the same facade - remember, this is only a brewery, and there were a lot of them in the town! See how detailed one of the several figurines in the facade is crafted, and how the in Lüneburg quite typical, very expensive "rope" type bricks signal the wealth of the owner:

Another example of this kind of decoration, this time even showing off some gold:

Half-timbered houses also looked quite pretty:

Here a detail of one, re-painted in its original colors:

Even from the back the houses look nice - here some backyard sheds of medieval handymen:

A look into one of the narrow streets, this one lined with restaurants:

Old style advertising signs for hotels and bars:

In the background the baroque facade of the city's town hall (added later, building of the town hall began in the 13th century, and this part of it is still in use today) and the "moon" fountain in front - look at the head decoration of the figurine on top: ("luna" is latin for moon, and so "Lüneburg" is sometimes translated as "Moon's castle"):

The city's coat of arms, shown above one of the town halls entrances:

Detail of the old pharmacy near the town hall, also restored to its original colors:

The fish market, also the old harbor where the salt was shipped, equipped with an old crane, built in 1797 and still in good shape:

A tourist resting with her back to the old crane, basking in the evening sun:

People enjoying the evening light and peaceful mood near the old crane:

Backlit plants in the evening, again near the old crane - showing historic facades in the background:

A street musician:

The top of a renaissance facade:

Assorted spires:

And with that last moody shot of a cobblestone street behind the last standing parts of the old towns city wall I conclude the series:

Hope you liked that trip to at the same time medieval and modern Lüneburg! I liked to have both the 1655G and the 70350G with me - the combination filled all my needs I had for capturing some impressions of this beautiful city, and everything fit in a small enough bag.


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