90mm perspectives - A6600/SEL90M28G

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Thanks - and some observations about the lens
  • davelok wrote:

Very tempting.

Indeed it is. Some observations on using the SEL90M28G on the A6600:

- The lens balances very good on the A6600. Really doesn't feel to big or anything

- Switching to MF is very straightforward with the push/pull focusing ring - very nice to have

- The high pitched focusing sound can be slightly annoying in very quiet environments, like at home; in the field with normal background noise I don't notice it at all.

- Focusing speed could be a tad faster ... I'm really spoiled by the focus speed of lenses like the 16-55/2.8 or 200-600. The SEL90M28G definitely doesn't match those.

- AF can be - as always - problematic in low contrast situations and with small focus points. I was for example not able to get a reliable focus lock taking the building fence pic of the original post in this thread, had to switch to manual there.

- Bokeh is nice too if the lens is stopped down. Here the leaf picture in two variants - top f2.8, bottom f5.6:

- No complaints about correction for lateral CA, but longitudinal CA wide open can be visible in high contrast situations if the lens is used wide open; here a somewhat unfair example, detail of a white feather taken at a very strong angle at f2.8:

Does that info qualify your temptation?

Thanks for looking and your comment!


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