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Re: Recommend me a lens

Fire_Bird123 wrote:

I sold my 15-45mm and am in the market for a nice wide angle lens (used) which shoots good portraits too. Must also give nice bokeh. I didn't get on too well with the 15-45 as found issues with messy backgrounds. I think it might be better for street photography but found it not much better than my smartphone when applied to gardens and colorful backgrounds.

Any affordable suggestions please?

The best options are expensive ones: 16 F1.4 and 23 F1.4.

But it's not clear what you're wanting. Are you looking for a zoom that gives you wide angle and can also zoom in for portraits? If so, I think the 16-55 f2.8 or 16-80 F4 are your best options.  My own recommendation would have been to keep the 15-45 for its excellent sharpness at 15mm and add a 35mm or the 50mm for your portraits/bokeh.   Wide angles are most typically used for "contextual portraits" in which the goal is not to throw the context out of focus.

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