How do you use new recipes?

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Re: How do you use new recipes?

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I am new to using recipes (outside the in camera film simulation) and I’d like to understand how you use them.

Given the recipes one can see in Fujixweekly, do you set them straight in the camera and save them? Or shoot Raw and adjust in post using Raw X Studio from Fuji?


It might be good to clarify that anything created with X-Raw Studio IS straight out of camera. It's simply an alternative user-interface for generating jpegs SOOC. You could accomplish exactly the same by resetting all of your JPEG parameters using the camera alone, but X-Raw Studio offers a quicker interface for letting the camera do its work.

If "post-processing" is something done after the camera has given you a jpeg, then X-Raw Studio doesn't constitute post-processing because it's simply a way to ask the camera to generate another jpeg with different camera settings.

But does Raw X Studio allow to change everything ? I was under the impression DR could not change? In which case it would limit the number of recipes you could use post shot.

Just as with the in-camera reprocessor, if you initially shot the photo at DR200, you can re-process it at DR100 or DR200. X-Studio does this because the camera itself can do it. If however you shot initially at DR100, you can't reprocess it at a higher number than the initial DR setting.

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