D850 4K Video Problem - Dropped sound on last frame

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Re: D850 4K Video Problem - Dropped sound on last frame

The clip is a little short to tell for sure, but I've found on many cameras (including older Sonys and Canons, and my current XT-3) that this occasionally happens with longer recordings. In my case, the next clip's sound was then often actually offset by one frame, so you have to disconnect the audio from the visual (unlink in Premier) and shift the sound from the second clip to cover the gap at the end of the first clip.
Basically, I think the sound and visual don't always end (and start) on exactly the same frame when you record for extended periods and it's split into multiple clips.
I really hope that helps.
The easiest test would be to unlink the audio and visual, then line up the audio clips without the gap and listen if it's smooth. If there is actually a gap in audio, then I'm afraid I don't think it's fixable. I would probably, as a cheap-but-better-than-nothing hack just duplicate the last frame of audio before the dip and splice it in. Not ideal, but better than the complete silence. You could also try doing the last audio frame and the first new audio frame both at 50% volume - like a manual interpolation. I've used this with success, but it's not always perfect.
And then consider buying an external audio recorder for next time. Besides better quality, you will also have redundancy.

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