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Paul Nicklen had a post on Facebook today about his process. It was excellent and shines a light on someone’s thought process such as his, a creative guy who is the real deal. This paragraph stood out to me.

When someone looks at a photograph and thinks, "Wow, that is really sharp, or technically perfect," then it is not a powerful photograph: it is a good photograph. When someone looks at an image, and it beats them over the head, grabbing them by the heart and completely pulling them in, that's a powerful photograph. They're not analyzing it, they're experiencing it by having an emotional connection, and they don't even know why. The power of photography is making that connection with the viewer.

I say use whatever you want. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes you’d rather have a different focal length etc. etc. Make a decision, stick with it and be as creative as you would have been with a larger camera. Sometimes gear and photography takes over a trip and when you get home and upload all of those images on to your computer, you have a ton of photos , but you may not even remember the actual experience of being there because you were too busy looking through the viewfinder.

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