Hand-Held High Res: A Practical Guide

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Re: Hand-Held High Res: A Practical Guide

Just an awesome post. I came across this today actually because I finally decided to give High Res mode a shot at some landscapes over last weekend on my E-M1 mk II and 12-40 pro.

I got home, dumped into Lightroom and immediately thought it just looked a bit mushy and crap, which is fine, I know that higher resolutions (especially of this pixel shift type) need some different treatment.

Much like what others have said, no amount of sharpening and noise treatment could get my files to look crisp and clean. I also thought that may be why the camera only delivers a 50MP jpeg - it must use the data for some extra processing to look clear (not going to pretend I understand what the camera does!)

Actually thought there was something wrong with my camera, or my lens. So I set up at home taking some test shots in a controlled environment making sure my tripod was nice and tight. This time, put the file into Workspace first. Bam, it look fabulous. Marvellous.

LR is my number 1 editor and catalogue program, and finer controlled edits I open in Photoshop. I use DxO Photolab 4 for a bit of extra sharpness using the lens sharpen module for shots that are a bit soft with a less expensive lens, alongside Deep Prime for mega clean files.

I've now adapted to using Workspace more, and kind of treat that as a plugin too. If I can't quite get the colour I want to how (in my opinion) it was when I shot it, I right click the image in LR and get it to point me to it's location, and then open that file in Workspace; export as a 16bit TIFF back into Lightroom. It can be a bit cumbersome yes, but it's worth it for me because sometimes I just prefer how Workspace renders the ORFs in comparison to anything else.

Thank you for some awesome info on this, wish I'd found it sooner!

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