Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

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Re: Is anybody going to use the 40 mm f2 on the Z50/Zfc?

iljitsch wrote:

p5freak wrote:

Also, i think using FF lenses on DX make no sense, when there is a DX alternative. FF lenses are huge and heavy.

It's not a law of nature that full frame lenses are much bigger and heavier than DX lenses.

In 9/10 cases (below 50mm) it is true.

A big frustration for me when I got my D90 was that the camera and the lenses were so much bigger than the film stuff I used in the 1980s and 1990s.

And even our beloved 35 mm f/1.8 DX is slightly bigger and heavier than the 50 mm f/1.8 AF-D.

Thats because of megapixel madness. Lenses need to resolve better and better, because of the megapixel increase. This increases the number of glass elements, and the focus accuracy needs to be better as well. All of this increases weight and size.

And in the case of the lens at hand, the Z 40 mm f/2, full frame = big doesn't apply. This lens is light and small compared to pretty much anything except the DX kit lenses. So then why not get a full frame lens? Worst case it's slightly better on DX because the corners, which are always the weakest part of any lens, are cropped off. Best case, you get to use it with a full frame camera (or sell it to someone with a full frame camera) at some point in the future.

Im pretty sure that a DX 40mm f2 would be smaller, but probably not much.

For some types of lenses it seems pretty straightforward to make a good and non-huge full frame version, even with a decent aperture, so why make a separate DX version? I think that's mainly the case for focus lengths that are a bit larger than the flange distance (so used to be 50 mm, but now perhaps starting at 20 mm) upto modest tele, such as 105 mm.

Because DX allows for some lens constructions which arent possible for FF.

Also: economics of scale. The number of people buying Z lenses isn't nearly the number of people buying F lenses at its peak. So I'm not holding my breath for a 105 mm f/2.8 DX. If you want that lens, you're going to have to get the FX version. The same is probably true for the < 28 mm fast primes: sales are almost certainly too small for DX versions, even though for wide it would probably make technical sense to have separate smaller DX versions.

I dont know the ratio of DX to FF cameras. Could be 25:1 or 50:1. Which means there are much, much more DX lens customers, DX lenses are normally smaller, lighter, and less expensive than their FF brethren.

Add something with a bit more zoom range, such as 16-140 DX and the main thing we really need is a Z DX ultrawide, such as a Z version of the AF-P 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G D VR. I'm pretty sure Nikon will point at the Z FX lenses for Z DX shooters who want anything other than that, and it's always an option to use the FTZ with an F lens, or pretty much any lens ever with a cheap passive adapter for the kinds of photography that can do without AF and aperture control.

I know. There isnt much needed for a complete DX lens lineup, yet Nikon deciced to not build these few lenses. It wouldnt be a big investment.

And we're starting to see third party options with AF support. Tamron for instance already has a bunch of lenses for other mirrorless APS-C cameras such as Sony E mount. Nikon isn't making it easy for them to make Z mount versions of their lenses, but once they do, they'll adapt their existing lenses for the Z mount and we have many more options.

And thats a big mistake from Nikon. Nikon cant stop third party manufacturers from building lenses for Z mount, all they can do is delay it. Why not working with third party manufacturers from the beginning ? Sony did the right thing, they opened their E-Mount protocols, and they are no.1 in the mirrorless market. Part of that is lens choice.

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