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eya1 wrote:

Yesterday I went for a walk in the CBD of Johannesburg. South Africa is renowned for its phenomenally high violent crime rate and yet we were keen to give it a go - too much time spent at home and not getting out so why not. We stuck to the western part of the city where we were told it was OK-ish to A) walk around & B) take photos.

My friend had her Galaxy smartphone and I had my XT2 & 35/2. I got some good shots

Downside - I got a lot of unwelcome attention because of my camera setup. People stared at it, more than my attractive partner with her smartphone.

So that got me thinking to either get a better smartphone OR get a smaller camera, like the GX85, which should not draw that much attention and is relatively less expensive so I won't mind too much having to get another one if needs be.

From a photography point of view, I'd rather go the camera route than a new smartphone. I enjoy the interaction with the device and can work with its limitations as opposed to a phone that won't meet my expectations as a photographer, even if I shoot raw.

Ja, but that is also a separate than the OP is asking I think, but even more important? Saftety.

The question then becomes, where are you traveling to!?

(I tried walking around Cape Town CBD and it did not feel safe and ended up not being safe. I was getting tailed by a few guy's who also appeared to be coordinating with someone on their phones. Suddenly in the next street a few guy's were in front of me waiting, they pointed at me so they knew who to look for. Went into the first shop, the two groups converged outside and I ordered an Uber. I am not getting into a race/poverty/whiteness thing here. I was a just a little bit naive European/not knowledgeable enough about the area. So my bad. There are area's in the world that are very poor and relatively safe. There are wealthy places that are dangerous. This was opportunistic crime, most likely organized/unorganized gang related. That happens in London, Paris, LA. I had no problems anywhere else in SA, but was strongly advised not to visit Joburg hehe. Hooking up with locals in such places is strongly advised for safety and to provide employment. You also get better pictures. Happy Braai Day on friday!)

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