iPad OS 15 Supports iPad Mini 4!

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Re: iPad OS 15 Supports iPad Mini 4!

Phillip Forsten wrote:

For those with an iPad mini 4 and who may not be aware, amazingly the new iPad OS 15 supports the iPad mini 4! I say amazingly because that would then mean another year of support from Apple that by the fall next year will mean 7 years of OS support. Amazing.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that with iPad mini 4 users because I found out only by checking to see if there was a new iPad OS 14 update available (I manually update), because even though an update may be available, you may not get notified. Sure enough there was an update that I was not notified about, but it’s the update for iPad OS 15. I also confirmed through Apple's site that the iPad mini 4 is in fact supported. This year was expected to be the last update, at 6 years.

Yes it does and not only does iOS 15 support the Mini 4 it also supports iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and SE (2016). I have the SE and Mini 4 which are still at iOS 14.8.

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