Fujifilm X-E4 RAW files crashing Capture One 21

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Fujifilm X-E4 RAW files crashing Capture One 21

I recently bought the X-E4 and always shoot in RAW. I edit in Capture One and the program keeps crashing and I’m stumped as to how to remedy the situation.

I previously shot RAW with the X-T10, using Capture One 12 with no problems.

I had to upgrade to Capture One 21 this spring in order to be able to edit the new X-E4 RAW files.

My system:

iMac 21.5”, Retina 4k, Late 2015.

macOS Mojave version 10.14.3.

3.1 GHz Intel Core i5.

16gb 1867 MHz DDR3 RAM memory.

Graphics Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200 1536 MB

My usual workflow is to have the original RAW files in folders on an external non-SSD drive as well as the Capture One catalog on the same drive. Connected by USB 3.0

When I successfully open a catalog, everything is slow. When I start to edit, do anything with image files, the spinning lines twirl and I cross my fingers the process finishes and I can continue editing. Inevitably, the lines lock up and the program freezes.

Using higher ISO files, doing filter type of edits like clarity, de-haze, sharpening, luminance seems to be definite culprits on freezing. Other random things also cause freezing. Exporting, zooming in, anything. Freezing is inevitable.

The first freeze usually results in Capture One quitting. The second and successive freezes lock the computer and I have to restart it.

Upon restart, many times Capture One will open to the moment it froze, on a particular file and freeze again. An infinity loop. I have to quickly try and highlight another file, edit offline, some sort of band aid to get the catalog to stay open.

Whatever file froze Capture One, it is forever corrupted. Forget about any sort of edit, recovery, moving on. If I am lucky, I can limp along on other files.

I upgraded to Capture One 21 No difference.

I tested a catalog and files directly on the iMac hard drive, to rule out the external drive and cabling. No difference.


Is my iMac too old, too weak?

Do I need to update my Mac IOS? According to CaptureOne, their program should work with Mojave and the rest of my computer specs.

If I need a hardware upgrade, does anyone have an iMac setup that works great with the most recent Capture One software and Fujifilm RAW files from the CMOS 4 sensor?

Is this a problem specific to the X-E4 files, even though it’s using the common CMOS 4 sensor?

Should I be converting the RAW files to something easier to read, edit? DNG?

Are the RAW files the problem or Capture One 21? Both?

Do I need to go back to Lightroom, or try another edit program? Is there an edit program of good quality that can easily handle Fuji’s RAW files?

Obviously, I’d like to resolve this issue with minimum fuss, money spent. Any advice, musings, random thoughts is much appreciated.

I’ve written to Capture One and sent dozens of crash reports and have not heard back from them yet.

My apologies if this posting is in an incorrect forum. Since it has to do with Fujifilm, I though best to post here.


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