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Re: Traveling with only a phone camera

Another two cents:

First off, modern cell phones take awesome quality pictures in good light. For instance:

So I wouldn't let anyone talk you into worrying about image quality, assuming decent light. (Phone cameras have been getting a lot better in low light, too, but for that I wouldn't just assume you're good without doing some testing.) (That is not to say that everyone should be satisfied with phone camera quality. Just that not everyone should be unsatisfied with phone camera quality.)

I do understand the need to not have to carry a big heavy camera and lenses. But it doesn't have to be an all (big camera + lenses) or nothing (just a phone) thing.

A phone camera is going to give you a nice version of this shot:

New York City, from the Empire State Building, 1999 on film

But not this one:

Chrysler Building, from the Empire State Building, 1999 on film

(Tip: if you can stand the (cold) wind for an hour, get to the Empire State Building observation deck half an hour before sunset, and you can get shots in the last daylight, during dusk and in the dark.)

That why I always want/need some decent tele reach. Then again, even when I carry my Nikon D7100 (and I guess now my Nikon Z fc), I usually don't want to bring along that huge 70-300 mm lens. So instead, I often carry a compact camera superzoom for that. A few years ago I got a Panasonic DMC-TZ70, which is a great little camera with no less than 720 mm equivalent tele reach. It also has an electronic viewfinder in addition to the back LCD, which is great for shooting in bright light.

And my iPhone + the Panasonic is a great combo when I don't want to carry the DSLR/mirrorless camera at all. Maybe I never even get the Panasonic out of my pocket a morning or afternoon, but knowing I'll be able to take tele shots, or much more easily get shots with difficult light that need compensation, is well worth filling up a coat pocket.

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